Thursday, 23 May 2013

Not in God's name

I don't know whether yesterday's murder in Woolwich deserves to be described as 'terrorism' or not, but the subsequent attack of one mosque, and attempted attack on another, were certainly hate crime.Politicians and the media stir up Islamophobia all the time, create tension nobody needs, and the result is that a couple of peoples' action has created a situation where mosques are being attacked, and my wife is afraid to visit the local mosque. I've come across Facebook postings where people were claiming that Muslims aren't condemning what happened. Let's make it clear that they are. I hesistate to link to the Muslim pages on Facebook which I took these images from because of the hate being spewed across them.

I've been married for coming up to eighteen years, I've met a great many Muslims, and I've yet to come across a single one who believed that violence was ever justified in God's name.

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